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Medx Lower Back Strengthening Program

One of the first things we ask our back pain patients is "are you following any type of exercise program to help with your back pain?".

We feel that this is often the missing link in patients combating back pain and often is the most important process in achieving long term relief from back pain.

We believe that lower back pain patients need to rebuild the strength and endurance in their deep supporting spinal muscles, regain core stability and bulletproof their backs to provide lasting relief.

At the manual therapy coach we use and recommend the Medx Lower Back Strengthening as it is strongly evidence based , backed by years of research, and is incredibly efficient requiring just one set of 10-15 repetitions performed in a slow fashion that builds not only strength but high levels of endurance. Interestingly research shows endurance maybe more effective than overall strength when it comes to back pain.

If you would like to explore the option of adding Medx Lower Back Strengthening to your clinical practice, call Wayne to arrange a one hour training opportunity at the Mandurah clinic.


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